Monday, June 17, 2013

The Ole Ball Game

So Greg really likes baseball.  He played all the time growing up, and on his high school team.  (Go Grizzlies!)

Of course, this means that whenever we are in a new area (although we've been here for almost six months), we go see the minor league team at least once.  I love these kinds of baseball games--sure, by the seventh inning I'm usually somewhat bored, but there's something about baseball I've always liked.  I like being outside, I like the smell of leather gloves, I like the mowed grass and the red dirt.  Plus, baseball is just a good, solid, American sport.

So Saturday night, after spending some time at the beach, we drove downtown to go to a Jacksonville Suns game.  While we were standing in line to buy the cheap bleacher/berm seats, a guy came up to us and gave us free tickets.  Right behind home plate! This sort of thing never happens to us, but it must have been our lucky night!  It was a pretty exciting game...we were leading 6-0 in the seventh inning but the Montgomery Biscuits came back and beat us! (We decided to give the "Biscuits" a break.  After all, they're only AA minors.  All the good names were taken.)

Just chillin' at the ballpark. 

Greg trying to get noticed on the Flex Cam.  

There was a Little League team sitting in front of us.  I've never seen so much money spent on concessions before.  Anyway, they tried to get noticed for the Flex Cam too. 

Greg's panoramic shot of the park.  

I love baseball games with Greg. Let's be honest--I love anything with Greg.  My Greg is awesome.  Yesterday Greg was leading the Gospel Principles Sunday School class, and we had some time after the teacher finished his lesson.  Greg had the chance to bear his testimony about the importance of families, the incredible lessons that marriage and existence within family units can teach us, and the strength of his relationship with his own father. Father's Day was a really hard time for us last year, but I'm happy for the opportunity to move forward with Greg.  He is the best baseball player out there, and my best friend. 

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  1. Free tickets?! Awesome!!! It was definitely your lucky night! :)