Monday, June 3, 2013

Disney is Coming.

This is where I will be very, very soon: 

So we've been MIA the last little while because, one, Greg was taking the CFA (it's OVER, Allora!)  After a 9 hour day at the testing site on Saturday, he is done!  We find out his score within the next two months.

Also, my cousin Tania from Provo, Utah, came and visited us last week.  If I do not have easy access to Greg's phone, I am pretty terrible at taking pictures. As in, Greg and I have almost zero documentation of our first two years of marriage. But although I don't have photographic evidence, I can tell you that Tania and I went to the beach a few times, went shopping at the Town Center, took a trip to St. Augustine, and just generally had a good time.  So fun to have family come here!

Which brings me to our next adventure... Orlando with the Zollingers!  Greg's dad has a conference there (he is the Internship Director at BYU-I), and Greg's mom and three sisters are coming too!  Also Greg's brother Morgan and his family are flying down from D.C., so we will be quite the crew.  (I wish Kellen's and Matt's families could come too! We will miss them!) Of COURSE we are headed to Disney.  OF COURSE.  I can't believe we've lived in Florida for five months and this is our first time.

The tentative plan is to go to Discovery Cove this Thursday, Hollywood Studios on Friday, and Sea World on Saturday (I could be wrong.  It's been quite the process picking Which Park on Which Day).

I think I am the most excited about Discovery Cove.  It is a lesser known park where you can swim with the dolphins. Like this:

Or maybe more like this guy:

Unfortunately, it costs extra to swim with dolphins, so we actually won't get to do that (yeah, misleading, I know...I just wanted to post dolphin pictures on the blog).  But we will get to snorkel with fishes, stingrays, and otters.  If you ask Greg, he'll tell you I have a completely irrational fear of wild fish or fish not behind glass.  I don't know why. Looking forward to conquering that this weekend, my friends.

But my question is, has anyone been to the parks in Orlando before?  What are your favorite rides/attractions?  Any insider information we should be aware of before we shell out the majority of our last paycheck in order to spend three days in commercialized paradise wearing entirely not enough sunscreen?  Let me know!



  1. Sorry, no advice from me.

    Hooray for Greg!!! Two months?!?!?! That's a long time to wait for the scores! I'm sure he did great, though. :)

    Disney! YAY!!! That sounds like tons of fun! You don't think they can sneak me into their suitcase, do you? ;)

    You know what? I totally have that same weird fear of fish... I'm not sure why either. But you can do it this weekend! It will be fun! :)

    Oh, and take some pictures, will ya? ;)

  2. Heather, you are so witty!!! I love you sooooooooooo much!!! I wonder where you get your sarcasm?!?!
    Remember, you have a sister who has been--not once, not twice-- but three times to Orlando. She probably has some great advice on how to use your last paycheck! Have a GREAT time! Can't wait to see you in July!

  3. Well, this sister has never been to Discovery Cove or the Florida SeaWorld, so I won’t be much help there. I can tell you that some of the highlights of Hollywood Studios are the Twilight Tower of Terror, Rock’n Rollercoaster, The Great Movie Ride (which kids can ride), and Star Tours (which just got a major overhaul and it’s supposed to be a lot of fun to ride multiple times now because it’s different every time). Personally, I also really, really like the Toy Story Ride even though it’s aimed at kids – it’s basically digitized carnival games and it’s a lot of fun! You also absolutely have to make sure you check the times of the shows – Hollywood Studios has the best shows for Disneyworld! The Beauty and the Beast one isn’t that great; the Backlot Tours and Muppet Vision are both ok if you have time; but you absolutely MUST attend the Indiana Jones stunt show, the “Lights, Motors, Action” stunt driving show, and especially the show “Fantasmic” in the evening. And make sure you leave plenty of time for finding seats for that one. The nice thing about the shows is they’re great for both kids and adults, plus they’re not at Disneyland so you won’t get a chance to see them elsewhere. I think they even have fastpasses for the car show and Indiana Jones. Just make sure you check times in the morning because each show only happens a couple of times. You will need to leave time to find seats early but they’re worth it, and waiting for them to start is a good time to sit and eat.

  4. As far as advice on how to spend your paycheck: don't bother buying souvenirs at the parks. The Orlando Walmart and plenty of other shops have the exact same shirts, hats, mugs, etc. if you are planning on getting anything, but for much cheaper than at the Disney parks.

  5. Oh yeah, and remember to take lots of pics and to have fun!

  6. This is Brittany, your hermit of a sister who hasn't gone very far. Actually, I've been to Mexico, that's cool, right? But I haven't been to Disney world and I have absolutely no advice! Except to have a whole heap of fun! Love,