Thursday, June 20, 2013

Items of Business

I am feeling far too lazy to organize my thoughts into a coherent essay/post thing.  So here is a list:

1. Greg is finishing up his time at JnJ. We've still got about two weeks left before the drive home.  I am really looking forward to the trip we'll take across the country and eventually getting home closer to family, but I will miss our ward, the friends we've made, and the ocean.  I will definitely miss the ocean.  If you had two weeks left to live on the seaside, how would you spend it?

2. I have officially applied to ASU's graduate program.  There's a lot I could say here.  Maybe one day I'll post about how we arrived at this decision. Maybe one day I'll post about how I feel about the possibility of being a Sun Devil (that's the mascot, right?) Anyway, I feel really good about it, and I'm excited about the program. Now we just wait to see if I'm accepted.

I just googled ASU to find a picture to put up here.  Everything says "Fear the Fork." You say Fear the Fork, I say Love the Spoon.  Especially if there's ice cream on the end of it.

3. My sister Kami started a blog.  I have no idea who might read my blog, but if you know her, and even if you don't really, you should take a look.  Her Ellie is quite adorable.

4. Not sure how to say this, but if you've been paying attention, you'll know that this is our last month to work with Brown Fertility.  I am not sure exactly what we'll do if this cycle doesn't work, especially since success rates do drop after around 4 failed IUIs.

Greg and I fast quite regularly about this, and I know it's a lot to ask, but any effort made in that direction would be so greatly appreciated.  Any prayers, as well.  I would not try to tell anybody what to ask for, but as for us, we ask that if it's according to God's will, we can be parents to a healthy baby soon.  We also ask for the strength to bear whatever He has in mind for us, and to bear it gracefully, because we know that His plan is actually the best thing for us, regardless of what we might want.  Greg and I feel very positive that things will work out.  I know that people might be sick of me talking about it, and to be honest it keeps getting harder, so that might be the last I say about that for awhile.

5. Go Spurs.


  1. Yay for Masters Programs! Good luck, I'm sure you will get in. :)

    And the Spurs? Psh... We're all about the Heat over here. (Ok, so Sam is. I just root for whoever he wants to win. :) )

    Prayers are definitely coming your way from Idaho.

  2. Go Spurs??? I was routing for the Heat. Did you see game 6? It was a ... I was going to say a beauty but maybe I should rather say exciting!

    I'm sorry you're leaving the ocean, but I can't wait to see you both again! Love!