Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Look at This Cute Thing I Made


So even though I'm not super good at being crafty, I had the urge, oh, maybe 3 months ago, to make something.  And I just finished the project.  Woo hoo for procrastination!

I wanted to make a door wreath to replace the one I had with Easter eggs (Because, as the missionaries so generously pointed out a few nights ago when they were here for dinner, that holiday is way over).  So I decided I would make a ton of fabric flowers and stick them to a wreath.  Not too hard, huh? I was a little proud of myself for the idea, actually. I didn't even get it off the internet! (Pinterest frightens me)

I bought the Styrofoam wreath from Joann's for like $4 and wrapped it with green ribbon.

I made the flowers out of material that I bought from the "leftovers" bin at Joann's.  I think they basically wrap up the last piece of a bolt of fabric that's not big enough to sell and call it a Fat Quarter.  Each piece of material only cost about $1.50 and made a ton of flowers.  I made flowers with 6 petals.  Each petal is a circle folded in sixths, with the direction of the folds facing different ways away from the center to give it more umph.  The petals are all glued to a circle of white felt (the whole sheet of felt cost me I think $0.14, and I only used half). 

I think when most people get all crafty and then talk about it they say things like "And then, simply attach Part A to Part B, cut a small hole through Circle C, tie an adjustable hitch knot around Stem D, and, voila! Your adorable product is ready!" 

That is not how I make things.  Mostly when I make things I burn myself with the hot glue gun and ask Greg "Is this cute?  I THINK this might be cute?? Do these colors even match?!?" 

And Greg says "uh.....................yeesss." And then he reminds me that he's a man, and therefore crippled in "cute," and I should be able to know cute for myself when I see it.  Sigh.  Of course, he's right. (Although, in my defense, Greg has an abnormally good eye for "cute." For a boy, anyway.) 

The flowers were made from 4 different materials, a light green with broad stripes and bird patterns, red with white writing ("Flight," "Wing") a pink with a small stripe, and a white with a light pattern of brown flowers. I started getting a little bit more creative with a packet of buttons, the centers of the flowers, and the leftover ribbon. 

It took me FOREVER to make this many flowers! I think I ended up making 30+. I grouped them really close together on the wreath when I started attaching them:

Excuse my shaky photography work:

And now it's done and hanging on my door (for the last week we will live in this apartment, anyway)!  It's surprisingly sturdy.  I think it will last a long time, and become one of those decorations that is still lying around my house in 30 years.  Hoping the hot glue holds up that long!

Here's Greg trying to escape the picture:

 Hurray for cheap crafty projects!


  1. So cute! I've been meaning to make some kind of wreath! Not you've given me motivation! Or, well... Let's be honest - it still might be awhile before I get around to it. :)

  2. Can I copy? :-) Not that it will happen anytime really soon...

    Though you know I'm also crippled in "cute," for what it's worth, I think it is!

  3. I think it is in the Zollinger blood to know what cute is... They inherit it from their mother :)
    Good job!!!! Now, get even more crafty and make one for my door too!! :)
    If you liked pinterest, I would totally "pin" this :)

  4. P.S. You have given me inspiration to blog again... it has been 3 years since I have posted, but today I posted 2 times!! Yay for blogging!!

  5. Heather, That is waaaaaaaaaay cute!!! I know you didn't inherit your craftiness from me. I, too, am crippled in that area. But may I copy it?
    Can't wait to see you in July!!! Love you!!!