Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Greg

The blog has been pretty silent lately, but we had to commemorate the Day of Birth of one Greg Zollinger.

Last week this guy turned 26.

I forgot to buy wrapping paper, so I went with the homemade variety: 

Gifts: New socks (he always wants socks), Manchego, Tipsy goat, and Iberico cheese (it's a Spain thing), and a shiny, spanking new watch. 

I did a ton of research before I bought it. Did you know you can spend $5000+ on a watch? You know, if you're an insane person. Needless to say we went with one a bit cheaper than that. This watch is not one of the top brands, but it is a kinetic automatic. It stays in sync based on the movement of your arm. No batteries. 

I have a killer chocolate cake recipe. We always do cream cheese frosting around here. None of that plain powdered sugar stuff. I used a little dark cocoa to decorate. The cake layers did not lean or fall over, because I chopped the uneven sides off just like Buddy Valastro showed me. 

I didn't mean the cake to look so zebra/girly, but whatever. 

Greg sizing the band on his new watch under the Happy Birthday sign.

After presents and the cake unveiling, we went out to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. I ate BISON POT ROAST, people. Now I'm a true American. (Cherry Coke on the side. Don't tell my parents. Or Greg's mom. You can tell Steve). 

Greg had himself a bison burger. 

Token bad picture of Heather: 

I got this picture from Greg the next day. The watch holds up nicely at work. Birthday success.