Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Fun

We've been having a grand ole time here in the Florida sunshine so far this summer. 

Beach days with friends happen every week...

Also pool days with friends. These two hold hands a lot. It's the most adorable thing you've ever seen. 

We have so much fun we get tuckered out. Look how big she is now. 

First time on a tire swing. She only fell off a couple times. 

Pictures from this morning. Usually we just keep the stroller in the car but Greg had to clean out the Mazda so he could take it on his YM river rafting trip. So this morning Brynn saw the stroller in the hall and decided to put her baby in for a ride. Something tells me this isn't exactly safe though. 

Brynn loves babies. She just learned how to whisper "She seepin!" (She's sleeping). Tucking her baby in good: 

Those times when you get distracted by putting a blanket over your head and your kid falls out of the stroller...

You'll also notice that Brynn is wearing "bu-erfly" panties. We have been potty training for awhile now and she is doing great! I never thought I would start before she turned two but it was kind of something she started herself. We did have a huge accident in the library today, but all things considered, I'm very proud of her progress! Sniff, wasn't she just barely a teeny tiny baby??