Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Race, A Desk

Well, Greg did it! Last Saturday he ran his first half marathon. It was a pretty small race in Herriman. The course was very hilly--actually all uphill from miles 7-12. But even though it was hard, Greg had a blast and came in around his goal time. And I had a blast watching him and cheering him on.

It's occurred to me lately that maybe I don't brag enough about Greg on this blog. GREG IS COOL. A few months back I had to start working at 7 in the morning. Since we only have the one car, this meant that Greg had to stop driving to our old stake center to play basketball with the dudes. No biggie. He just decided he would work hard at running and obviously he's just rocked it. There is no one I know who has taught me how to just try and be optimistic like Greg. He's quietly hopeful, a happy guy. I'm so proud of the good job he has that allows us to go have an adventure on the East Coast, and the way he has always looked for the best and found a way to be positive about everything. It's not something that I'm naturally good at, but his attitude has been a huge blessing for us in the past year. I would be a very different person if it weren't for him.  

Something else Greg has been working on... He took a furniture and industrial design class this semester that he's been wanting to do for awhile now. He built this beautiful desk! He's pret-tay happy about it. And he should be. It's dark walnut and the wood is beautiful. I was helping him finish getting a coat of Danish Oil on it yesterday and I'm so excited to have something so gorgeous in my house that Greg made. 

I just have a really wonderful guy. Even though I was young and knew nothing and was kind of scared I'm so glad that four years ago I decided I would marry him.