Monday, March 6, 2017

Disney Extravaganza 2017

I always want to write clever things on here, but instead this little blog has turned more into a dumping ground for cute pictures of Brynn and our Florida adventures. I guess there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, Brynn is really cute and Florida is really fun.

In the last few weeks we used up 3 days on our Disney pass. Woot woot. A few weeks ago we went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios with our good friends, and then on Saturday we did Magic Kingdom. Man oh man, Disney never gets old. Zippity doo dah, I love this stuff. I enjoyed Animal Kingdom a lot more than I thought I would. It's the only park we hadn't done before, and it might be a very, very close favorite behind Magic Kingdom. I wish I had gotten some pictures on the Safari. That is really, really cool because a lot of the animals roam free around the car.

Brynn takes special pleasure in marking her territory on glass. I wish I could remember what animal this is, but I don't.

Best done in pairs:

Huge killer bats ^

Andy's Room in Hollywood Studios! 

It was so fun to be able to take Brynn on some rides. Look how cute and little she is. Brynn is not quite old enough to really enjoy it...most of the time she gets a little nervous, or downright terrified. 

Did you know they do ice cream cookie sandwiches at Disney? YUMMMM. Brynn wanted in on the action. 

T and Brynn, just riding around that one planet with the Ewoks. Best picture we got all trip! 

Magic Kingdom! 

Waiting in line for Aladdin's magic carpet ride. 

Brynn tasting her first Dole Whip. 

This was dinner time: 

Yeah, we got both Dole Whips and sundaes on Main Street. BAM, that's how we do it. I'm a little sad that all our Disney days are used up, but you know what? 

We still have one more day at Universal!