Monday, May 13, 2013

The Second Sunday in May

So, here's a confession.

I was having a super bad attitude about Mother's Day this year.

I mean, I was definitely boycotting Facebook.  And I was just about this close to slamming on my breaks, pulling over, and violently dismantling every cheerful sign on the side of the road that read "Peterbrook's Chocolates Loves Moms!" "Get the Mom in your life an Edible Arrangement!!" and so on and so forth.

Okay, I know this makes me sound like a mean and angry person.  And just to be clear, I have a fantastic Mom and a fantastic mother-in-law, and awesome grandparents, and a second Denton mom in Mesa. And I wanted them all to have super fantastic days.  So I tried really really hard to quit the attitude problem.  By the time Sunday rolled around, Greg and I were really doing pretty good. And we saw a lot of miracles.

First, at the beginning of Sunday School, my Bishop sent someone to come and get me, and I met with him for a good ten minutes.  Basically he asked me how I was and told me that he had felt like  he needed to talk to me today.  He brought up some answers to concerns I'd had that I hadn't talked to anyone about, and told me that Heavenly Father was very mindful of me and I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, and things would turn out.  He offered help and let me cry a little.  For those who don't know, the Bishop of a ward in the LDS church is over a group of about 500ish members.  And the fact that he had to be worrying about Mother's Day stuff as well as the typical work that Bishops do, and he called me in just to talk to me, was just pretty huge.  For a lot of reasons.  I was reminded that the church really believes in looking after "the one."

Then there was the fact that the two musical numbers I sang in went pretty well, even the solo, which is pretty cool considering I'd just bawled for an hour beforehand, and I had been feeling fairly miffed the whole week that I needed to be ready to sing on a day when I just really wanted to dissolve into the carpet.  In the second musical number for Relief Society I sang "Turn Around," which Mo-Tab sings, about a young girl growing up and soon being a "young wife with babes of her own." (grr) So I sang in the background with some other peoples while moms with kids the appropriate ages twirled their daughters at certain points in the song.  When the "young wife with babes of her own" twirled, her little girl Evie Lou totally spit up all over herself, her dress, her mom, the ground, everything.  And Tenille, the mom, who I LOVE, couldn't keep from laughing and I couldn't either.  The rest of the song was one soprano short.  I don't know why this made me feel better, and maybe it shouldn't have, but it did.

When I came home from church, I opened a package I got in the mail on Saturday night from my best friend Heidi.  She sent me a box of sunshine complete with yellow suns and yellow candy.  Made me bawl.  I am so blessed to have friends and family who love me and somehow innately know when I need stuff like this.  I would upload pictures of the happy suns but I seem to have misplaced all picture-taking devices.  Just trust me, they were happy and sunny.

Last, there is my husband.  Greg is pretty incredible.  What do you do for your wife on Mother's Day when you wife dislikes Mother's Day?  (Wow, if you think about it, that is just about the stickiest situation ever for a husband). Well, you take her out for a huge date on Saturday night without making a big deal about it. You let her bawl into your shoulder in Sunday School and get mascara all over your white shirt.  You also make good on the bet you lost last week during the Kentucky Derby by making homemade Oreos entirely from scratch:

Isn't he cute? And these were not your typical cake-mix Oreos, my friends.  They were de-lish.  And yes, this is what happens when you make bets on the Kentucky Derby and your wife's horse beats your horse.  (Revolutionary finished before Normandy Invasion.  Mostly the race consisted of Greg being sure he would win and me yelling "WHERE IS MY HORSE? I DON'T SEE HIM??")

I know how to read betting odds, people.  Also, my mother is from Danville.  Don't mess with me on horse races.


  1. Those oreos do look amazing... Maybe Greg should lose bets more often? :)

  2. I thought of you yesterday as they handed out Mother's Day treats. I thought of you and your empty arms and heavy heart. I thought of you, not what you're missing or what struggles you're facing. I thought of you, and I know that this is so hard, exacerbated by days like yesterday.
    I'm glad Heidi sent you some sunshine. Hope it lifted your spirits.

    Hugs from AZ, my girl.

  3. I stumbled on your blog from Heidi's blog. Oh Heather - I wish I could just hug you right now! I had no clue you were struggling with this. I have been in your shoes! I don't know if you remember when I was your YW leader - but I was going through the EXACT SAME THING! I had every feeling you have right now. Every bitter, sweet, angry, happy feeling. THere was a time that I truly honestly thought I would NEVER have a child. And that ache that your arms and your heart feel are real. SO real and exaggerated on days like Mother's day. Or when someone ELSE blesses their baby. Or when you hear someone complain about their child. (I could go on forever). However, I DO know that things happen for a reason. And things happen in Heavenly Father's time. ANd you may not know the reasons in this life. And it plain stinks at times.
    Please know that you have a friend in me if you ever need to complain, or cry, or vent, or anything! Trust me - I've been there! And I'm happy to listen. Or offer words or advice, or be mad with you. Hugs to you, sweet girl!