Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blast From the Past

So blogging is fun.  Probably because for the first time in 2 1/2 years I just read some of a private blog I kept for the first year I was in college, mostly just for close friends and family to read. I hope they don't mind if I share some of it now. 

It made me laugh! It made me remember a lot of things.  Even though sometimes it seems all-encompassing, there is so much more to us than just the fact that we haven't yet been able to have children. Anyway, here are some excerpts from back in the day that might help you to get to know our family.  


Us when we were dating: 

From March 7, 2010 
So about this guy Greg. I've only been on 2 dates with him (the first date was last weekend--we made tortillas from scratch and had Spanish burritos and then got ice cream at the Creamery). I study with him almost every day down in good old Periodicals, but only for the last week or so. He's VERY easy to talk to. The first time I noticed him was when he gave a really awesome talk in church at the beginning of the semester. He's from Idaho Falls, he played baseball and football in high school, he sings in ward choir, and he LOVES to read. And GOOD books, too. We spend most of our time talking about books and traveling and, I don't know, other stuff.... Not like I've really spent THAT MUCH time with him... The thing that I realized this weekend that kind of surprised me is that he likes my slightly sassy sense of humor. Maybe sassy isn't the right word... sarcastic? You know me, I guess. :) But anyway... yeah. I think maybe he's interested in getting to know me better, but for crying out loud, I just decided I didn't need boys, and I was positively thriving in my own delight of singleness. Oh well. Wow, I just spent WAY MORE time talking about that than I thought I would. For all I know (and kinda hope) nothing will come of it. After all, he is kinda short. Barely taller than me. It's sad. But he's so darn fun to talk to. I guess I'm happy because we've gotten to be pretty good friends, and that's just nice. I've missed having good guy friends. So yeah.

**Okay, present-day Me talking now.  Wow, I can't believe I was so rude about Greg being the same height as me.  Oh, wait, yes I can.  IF YOU DON'T STAND UP STRAIGHT, I AM TALLER THAN YOU, GREG. STAND UP STRAIGHT. I LOVE YOU. 

From May 15, 2010 (I am starting in the middle of the post here, but I bet you can guess who "him" is) 

Random Things I Like About Him:
He is happy. He chooses to be happy and he always is. Not in a loud, flamboyant way. He just is a happy person. And it is so easy for me to be happy around him. 

He has a serious side. He takes things seriously. He has thought through the gospel. I hope that makes sense. We both have very strong opinions about certain things, and it is so easy for me to voice them around him. He told me once not to be... I don't know...embarrassed about the things I think. He said strong opinions are a sign of high standards. He's right.

He has a very subtle, quiet sense of sure self-confidence. 

He loves to teach the gospel. 

This relationship was NOT in my plans. AT ALL. 

...(some weird ramblings here....moving on...) 

But he really is SO GOOD. The boy's gonna be a mission president some day. And he's so fun. And he cares about my opinions. And he wants me to be happy. And he respects so much in me. And he brings out good things in me: around him, it is easy to be happy, kind, positive, bubbly, braver, more confident, opinionated (in a good way). And you know? I bring out the good things in him, too. He's told me so. 

From June 11, 2010 (Greg was living in Idaho and I was still in Provo for school) Friday night he left Idaho around 5 and got here around 8:30, and we ate dinner and then went to the park by the MTC, just to talk. We stayed until the really nice security guard kicked us out around 11:30. And then we walked to our bench. Have I told you about this bench? It is red and tiny, and it sits on a little corner in Provo. This is where we have talked about many things, where we discussed dating over the summer for the first time, and where he first kissed me. It's a good bench. I love this bench. 

(Present-day Me here.  In April 2012 Greg made me a present for graduation that involved him taking pictures all around our favorite places related to BYU.  Below is Exhibit A of the bench in question: 

(Okay, back to young Me). 

On Saturday we had a picnic in Provo Canyon. We stayed in the park for hours and hours and hours literally, just talking and watching kids play and then messing around in the creek. We can talk for so long. I can be with him for literally ALL DAY LONG, 18 or so hours, and still not want to say good night at the end of it. How does that happen? 
But Sunday was the best day. I love Sundays with Greg. We were together all day, of course. We studied scriptures together, which we both love. 
And then Sunday night we went and sat on the hill by the ramp just on the edge of campus. And I don't know how it happened. But we've had one of the best conversations, one of the happiest conversations. It was easy but hard at the same time. And we talked about many things. I'll tell you this. We are now seriously dating. Marriage is a consideration. 
So many thoughts, feelings running through my head. But the main things? I am so happy. I feel peaceful. I feel the Spirit so often when I think about it. 
Me When I was Writing all This: 

July 21, 2010

So, it's official!!! And it's public now. Greg and I are going to get married. On October 15th his grandpa will seal us in the Salt Lake Temple. The next night will be an open house in Idaho Falls and the next Saturday the 23rd will be the reception in Arizona.

And after that we get to be married and be together all the time. I don't know how else to say it, but ordinary life with Greg just sounds so wonderful. It IS wonderful. And we never have to be apart ever ever again. (Well, maybe sometimes, but you know what I mean)

It's still sinking in. I get to marry the best man I know. I will be his wife. And we will be so happy. And we will live good lives, and raise good children, and serve the Lord. Life is so good. It makes me want to cry. So many miracles are taking place around me, I'll have to post a whole blog entitled "Things that Have Fallen into Place Lately Because Greg and I are Obedient and the Lord Is Mindful of Us."

*Present-day Me again, for any of you who made it through the college ramblings.  I only have one thing to add:

Greg and I are still obedient.  The Lord is still mindful of us.  We have had to face some hard stuff since those days when we fell in friendship, fell in love, got engaged.

But with Greg, I am still THAT happy.


  1. So sweet! I love how in love you are! Love you lots!

  2. This is so so so great! It was fun to read this again, all rolled up into one post. I'm so glad you found Greg. (or he found you? Either way, I'm glad it happened!) You deserve the very best, and it sounds like you got it. Next to Sam, of course. ;) I love reading your blog, and I love you!

  3. Heather, my former darling beehive! You are an incredible daughter of God. Oh how much He loves you and has blessed you. You are capable and so strong. My heart breaks for the trials you are experiencing, though I know you will grow and progress so much through this. Hang in there sweetie, great blessings come to those who are obedient, as He is bound when you do what he says. Hugs! Sis Ames