Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fonthill Castle

Now that our move back to Florida is only 2 1/2 months away (Yay!) we're starting to feel like we really need to make sure that we've seen everything we want to see here in the Northeast before we go. I have a feeling that a lot of day trips are in our future. We're also hoping to go to Boston at some point, and I have my heart set on stopping in Rhode Island to see some of the big houses in Newport. Greg wants to take a quick little trip up to Maine after we go to Boston, just so we can say we've been to Maine. And, come on, we might as well drive through Connecticut and New Hampshire and cross those off our list as well, right? In May we are going with Greg's parents to Palmyra, and I'm really excited about that! So, stay tuned, big adventures coming up. 

Well, this past weekend, we had just a little adventure and went to Fonthill Castle. It was only about a half hour drive. In the 1910s an independently wealthy tile maker built himself a castle out of concrete. I mean, that's cool. He was a highly educated man who loved to travel, so the whole interior of the castle is inlaid with tiles from all over the world. There are some Mesopotamian tiles from 2000 BC or something. It's such a weird building to be here in Pennsylvania, but the tour was worth it just to see something so random and unique. 

The tour guide said Brynn won the Perfect Baby award. She's a very happy girl, and she always has a good attitude when we drag her around like this. 

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  1. Must be the name! My Brenn was the happiest easiest baby to take places. Always happy and very social. I love reading and keeping up with your family.