Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Conversations Have Changed

Me:  I think it is WAYYY too early to think about wearing maternity clothes.


Greg: But, uhh...

Me: Yeah?

Greg: But you don't own a pair of jeans that fits you.

Good point, Greg.  Good point.


  1. I didn't want to wear maternity clothes very early with any of them, but when you start wearing them you feel so much better! THey are so much more comfy! ;) I loved the motherhood jeans (not the tummy pannel ones) but the ones with just the band at the top, they are very comfy (until the last month, then nothing is...) So exciting!!! :) I wish I could just send you all of my maternity clothes, some of them are very cute! WHen you go to I.F. Next just head over to my parent's house and pick them up, there are a lot to go through and then you won't have to buy much!!!!