Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Job Offer!

So, today we got the call! Johnson and Johnson in Jacksonville, Florida, has officially given Greg his offer to return to the company after he graduates.  The offer is not just for any old entry-level position.  It’s for a rotational FDP program.  Basically, it is meant to stand in place of an MBA program and give Greg experiences working in a lot of different areas.  A rotational program at a big-name company looks SUPER COOL on a resume (which is important, because we actually do want to do the MBA eventually).

We are pretty excited around here.  We knew that Greg had done well at his co-opt.  His manager was really fighting for him to come back, and he did a lot of work on high-visibility projects.  One of his projects he presented directly to the company CFO, which had never been done before. But, at the same time, you just never know with these things.  JnJ told Greg that they might have 0 spots open for anyone at all, and obviously there are a lot of candidates, so we knew there was a chance we might not be able to return. But looks like we can head back to the Sunshine State in May if we want to!  I’m so proud of Greg.  He works hard, he learns, and he remembers what he learns. Pretty much, he’s cool.  

We have a week to give them our response.  We’ve already thought a lot about going back to Florida, but I’m sure we’ll do some more thinking in the meantime. Because it’s a rotational program, we won’t be spending the whole time in Florida, we’ll actually go to a different JnJ umbrella company after a year, which means we’ll spend some time probably in New Jersey (???), Philadelphia (!!!) or California (!?!). There are a lot of things we need to consider, especially since just earlier today Greg had an interview with another company who sometimes sends people to Israel or Singapore.  Living international would be so awesome! But it’s also a long shot.

Anyway, all musings aside, we are just really grateful that things have worked out this way.  We feel blessed that we’ve always felt directed about what to pursue and where to go. I’m excited we have this opportunity, and I'm happy for Greg.  Growing up is such an adventure. 


  1. Yay!!! If you are in Florida next Christmas we will be there to spend it with you! :) ( And we will most likely visit all the other places also)!!!! Congrats guys!!!!