Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trip for Jenna's Wedding

Greg's little sister Jenna got married in March, and we had a blast going to Idaho in the springtime to celebrate with her. It was actually the first time since 2012 that all of Greg's siblings have been together. It was super fun, but also made us miss everyone a lot. Thanks to my great sister in law Calise, we have these cute pictures to remember the week. 

Here are some adorable ones of Brynn playing Grandma's piano. 

All dressed up in our wedding clothes. Grandma made this dress! 

With Aunt Megan at the temple. We love her. 

The Bride and Groom, Jenna and Justin. Cute couple! 

Had some time for family pictures between the sealing and the luncheon. 


Have to give the nephews a hard time every once in awhile. Pat takes the brunt of it since he's the oldest one. 

This grandparents and grandkids picture wasn't too successful. 

Greg's wonderful parents. 

All the boys. Grandpa Zollinger is 95 (I think).  

I don't think pictures could do justice to how beautiful the reception was, but here are a few. 

The day we left. Greg may or may not have run to the store very very late at night after we were cleaning up the reception to buy a ball so they could play "Jump Ball." 

Greg says "Look at my hops." 

These brothers have something special, and, cheesy at it may sound, I feel so lucky to have inherited these good men as my brothers when I married into the Zollinger clan. 

One last picture of Grandma and Brynn. 

Everyone ran along the car as we drove away. Sniff! 

How I love all these people. 

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