Tuesday, February 14, 2017

18 Months!

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate we had pink waffles this morning. We are also celebrating the fact that Brynn is 18 months old today! Yay! *And sniff!* 

I can't give you any stats because we haven't had an appointment yet, but I can say that she seems older to me everyday. She "talks" all the time to us. Sounds like this: (with urgency) "Behoo nubad die na daheh die." She likes saying "die" a lot. She used to answer every question "Yeah!" with gusto. But now she has a perfect little sing song "Noooooooo." 

Favorite foods are mac and cheese and any dinner with cream cheese in the recipe. She likes shutting herself in rooms alone, and when I come get her she says "Bye" and tries to shut me out again. She liked going to nursery on Sunday but didn't love it when they turned off the light for nap time (1pm church calls for desperate measures). She screamed and screamed until Daddy heard her all the way across the building in priesthood. She likes taking walks and going to playgroup with friends. She loves to take Mommy and Daddy's books off the shelves and sit on the couch and pretend to read. She also LOVES coloring, but you can't let her do it by herself because she loves chewing on crayons even more than she loves to color. 

Big girl ponytail. 

Reading books with our friends! 

More play time! She also loves to carry my keys wherever she goes. I'm so surprised we haven't lost them yet. 

Church is over people, Truman and I are ready to go! 

Brynn also really loves swinging! She could stay in that swing for hours if I let her. 

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  1. She is so darling!

    Also what is it with kids and keys? Once we found our keys in the salad spinner... good thing we have a spare!

    Happy 18 months little Brynn!