Monday, January 30, 2017

Zoo Days, Days with Friends

There is a lot in my life that is fun and blog-worthy lately, and I'm not doing a great job of keeping on top of it all. So here is a dump post of some fun things we've done over the past few weeks!

This year we have zoo passes! Yay! Brynn likes the animals, but her favorite thing is just putting her head between the stakes in all the fences. It doesn't really matter if there is an animal to look at or not. This wasn't even an exhibit. It was just a bridge.

Brynn refusing to share the water with me. 

I wanted to get a picture of her with the bear, but she didn't love the idea. 

There is an aviary in the Australia area where you can see the lorikeets. This is how Brynn feels about touching lorikeets: 

Up close and personal with one of our tiger friends. 

We also used a day on our Universal pass to go with our friends, Amanda and Declan and Aubrey and Truman! We had so much fun spending the day with them! 

Pack those babies in tight:  

Visit to the Hogwarts Castle. I am exposing her to magic early so that she will be sure to recognize her letter when it comes in a few years. It's not easy to be raised by Muggles! 

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