Friday, December 9, 2016

So Refreshing

Can you guess what Brynn is about to do here? 

Yeah, that's right. She's drinking the rainwater that has collected at the bottom of the slide. 

We try to head down to the little park in the complex as often as we can. Brynn likes the slide and climbing to the top by herself. She also likes eating bark chips, licking the various equipment, and, apparently, getting a little drink in this convenient reservoir. The good news is that this is Florida, and we don't have any shortage of rainwater reservoirs for little girls to play in/drink. 

Mostly I think she does it because I tell her no and she thinks it's funny. But seriously, look how happy she is. 

Don't worry, she gets nice and wet when she does it. 

Yesterday we left the park and headed for home after my many attempts to keep her from doing this seemed totally in vain. I put her down on the sidewalk and she promptly turned right around and ran back to the park.

How I love this naughty girl. 

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