Friday, August 12, 2016

Brynn's Year in Review

Brynn's birthday is coming up! I didn't do that cute thing where you take monthly pictures of your baby with circles on their chest saying how many months they are. Oh well. But in honor of the fact that Brynn is almost one, here are some "monthly" pictures of her anyway! 
T - 1 week. The last belly shot I ever took:  

 I finally did all her laundry...on the day I went into labor (which was NOT the day she was born. Don't worry, it only took 30 HOURS). Hey, at least it got done. 

1 week old. Our little trouble maker/tongue tied jaundice baby. 

3 weeks: 

5 weeks. No, we've never let her sleep in our bed, but she always gets pulled in there in the mornings. It's still one of my favorite times of day. 

2 months! 

3 months! 

Almost 4 months. Rolling right over. She started being able to roll from her back to stomach right after Christmastime. 

She was getting pretty good at propping herself up around Christmas, too. 

Christmas jammies! 

I might be slightly biased, but I think she's the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Almost five months! 


5 1/2 months: 

Almost 6 months. Fell asleep at Reading Terminal Market. 

6 1/2 months! 

Almost 7 months. She started scootching around. 

8 months: 

Pulling up on things! 

9 months! Right before we moved. 

Almost 10 months. Started doing some rad big girl hairdos. 

11 months. She climbed all up and down this bean bag to play with her friend. 

11 1/2 months. Helping out during Primary Presidency meetings! 

Her hair is starting to show some curl. 

She likes to climb up on her perch and read tear apart our books. 

Almost one year. Sniff! It's gone by so fast! 

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