Thursday, August 18, 2016

Brynn is 1!

Brynn turned 1 on Sunday! We did her cake and presents on Monday because we had Greg's brother in town.

Brynn is fearless enough to climb all over everything and crawl straight toward the ocean, but she was pretty scared of this birthday hat.

She got happier when we gave her some cake! There was zero hesitation. She dove right in and did not let up. 

We sang to Greg too. He turns the big 28 tomorrow. 

Messier and messier...

Taking a little milk break. 

We finally got around to unwrapping some presents. 

As you can see...her plate is now empty. 

Happy birthday Brynn! 

I can't believe it's been a year. It makes me a little sad. Why does it go this fast? A year ago she was my tiny helpless baby, and now she's this beautiful toddler with 6 teeth and a whole lot of happy sass. Thank you, Brynn, for healing my heart and bringing me a world of happiness. You have changed everything for the better. I love you fiercely. 


  1. Happy Birthday cute girl!!! I hope to meet you before you're all grown up!

  2. Awww, she's beautiful! Happy birthday sweet happy Brynn!

  3. A belated happy birthday Brynn! Looks like it was so much fun!