Thursday, September 8, 2016


Nothing big has happened lately. I have finished a book, but I don't feel like blogging about it. But I do feel like blogging, so I'm just going to document some random stuff we've been doing lately. These types of posts are always fun for me to look back on later.

1. We survived our first Florida hurricane. was just basically a rainstorm. We got all hunkered down and filled up our gas tanks and our bathtub with water, just in case...and then it just rained a little bit. Kind of anticlimactic. Thanks, Hermine, for letting Greg work from home on Fridaythough. That was fun. Also, we got some lovely, crazy, Florida sky pictures.

2. We finally broke down and bought an actual bed frame. We're Hemnes people over here. It may not look like much, but it's pretty fun for us. After 6 years, we feel like a legit married couple. Not a great picture, but our room feels so put together and peaceful now. I'm like, Joanna Gaines ain't got nothin' on me. (just kidding, I really love her, and I don't really know what shiplap is or how it got on all the walls, but I love shiplap too) 

3. I always wanted a daughter with tawny curls. You guys, her hair is growing and I am getting my wish. 

The perfect baby curl. 

4. I've written my second primary program, and it's pretty stinkin' awesome, if I do say so myself. Probably going to go over time, though. Also, cub scouts is kicking my booty. Other than that, I can't even tell you how much I heart being in primary. 

5. That's kind of it. Brynn just woke up from her nap. Time to play. 



  1. I love your bed frame! It looks really nice! Also, Brynn's curls are adorable!!! And you wrote a primary program? Whoa! You're amazing! I'm so glad the hurricane was anticlimactic! I didn't even hear about it until it was over, so I guess I can't say I was worried about you guys... But I totally would have been if I had known. 😁 It's sure fun to see what you've been up to lately!

  2. I like the Hemnes stuff too! Your room does look very nice. :-) We also heard the storm was kind of anticlimactic, but that's good. I love her little curls and I wish we could see you guys again soon!