Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby Dress

So, a couple weeks ago I had the idea that now was a really good time to practice sewing, since I actually have a reason to sew stuff right now. For awhile I resisted making stuff for this baby, not because I didn't love her but because it's just scary. But it's important to have some things and I always wanted to be able to approach this pregnancy with optimism. So a couple weeks ago I decided it was time to start sewing.

Here's my finished product! I have to say I'm quite happy about it:

I'm not good at following patterns, and this was a 1985 Butterick. But after a lot of time of staring at some weird pictures and googling some sewing blogs, I got it all figured out--trim, gathered skirt, collar, and all. Go me. Personally I think the little panties are kind of weird. Is it just me, or does the crotch part look a little skimpy? Whatever. 

I even learned how to do buttonholes. Obviously I improved over time: 

One of the hardest parts was gathering the skirt, not because it was complicated, but because my stupid thread kept breaking. Once I did it in sections and stopped pulling so hard, it got easier. The other hard part was figuring out the button placket thing and the self facings on the back, but once I did some searching on youtube it made WAY more sense. I can use single-fold bias tape like a BOSS now: 

I made a little headband with some pretty elastic to match. Hope it doesn't squeeze her head too much. 

It took me kind of a long time to figure everything out and get it done just the way I wanted it. At some point, my mother-in-law's borrowed sewing machine turned into a hat rack. That's okay I guess. Go Round Rock Express. 


  1. This dress is adorable! and congrats on baby girl in your tummy! I talked to your sister recently and she gave me the update. a girl in my ward is so similar to you! seriously, its almost weird how much you two have in common with your pregnancies. you are in my prayers!

  2. I'm soooooo proud of you! Everything--the dress, the panties, and the hairbow-- are adorable!!! Congrats! GO YOU!!! Love you!

  3. I'm sooo excited for you Heather!! Congrats!!! I'll be praying for you! Hair bows my love... they are sooo addicting!! Rachel has a bazzilion because I can't stop making and/or buying them! I'm so happy for you guys!

  4. That dress! Seriously?! SO CUTE!!! I'm amazed at your sewing abilities. Wow!

  5. Heather! I may be catching up on your posts as of current moment and this dress you made is AMAZING!!! I'm so impressed and so excited for you and your baby girl. :)